Why Should She Respect You If You Have Nothing To Offer?

In reality though the real reason why she does not respect you is because of this!
You have nothing to offer as far as getting your life together.

Yes getting yourself together for yourself so that they will notice you, crave your attention, be around you. When you got yourself together you feel better, look better and command respect.
Women like to talk smack and make you feel bad about your manliness but do not fall for this nonsense because they do want a man who acts like a man, does things like men and can handle himself in any situation without falling to their knees and giving up!

By nature women need to be with men and men need to be with women.
Women also want a man who has resources, which is why Rich Men always do better with the women than Poor Men. There is no turning this around as this is how Nature works. The one with the most resources gets to breed while the one who has no resources is left watching on the sidelines.
Do me the favor and stop rolling over like dogs in submission and have some dignity! You are a man so do not be ashamed to act like it.
Build your life first before you try running around chasing skirts all day.
Still it is extremely difficult to command respect from Modern Women today since the majority of their minds are so entrenched with Feminism that they are more confused now than they were back then.
No matter how young or old or the way you look. Your confidence and ambition will show women that you are the man they want to be with. You do not have to wear a funny hat and act like a dummy. All you need to do is be yourself and have confidence.
That is why women always dig the Alpha in the room! A cool and confident man who commands respect always makes them excited! The only way to gain respect is by taking the time to make your life better. Women can sense a man that has his life together. No woman wants a man that is weak and not confident in himself.
With so much Technology and Personal Development at your fingertips learning and gaining respect is ignored. So if you do not have anything in your life that makes you command respect then why should she respect you?
If you are overweight, sloppy and weak minded then why should she respect you?
If you do not have a job or are not progressing then why should she respect you?
If you have no motivation or ambition then why should she respect you?
Talking game is like going on a job interview. You have to convince her that you are the man she needs in her life. But if you have not anything I have talked about above then your chances of getting with her will be slim to none!
So instead of beating yourself up and wondering why should she respect you. You will only have to look within yourself to see and find the answer!

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