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Why I posed n*ked for my birthday pictures – Jojo Charry(photo)

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Why I posed n*ked for my birthday pictures – Jojo Charry

Why I posed naked for my birthday pictures - Jojo Charry viviangist.com-

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Liberian Nollywood actress Jojo Charry, who went viral a few days ago following the release of her n*ked birthday shoot, has opened up on why she decided to do such shoot.
The US based actress received a lot of backlash after the photos went viral over the internet, but she maintained that she is not perturbed about the reviews she got from the people.

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She opened up in an interview with Sunnewsonline on why she decided to go naked for her birthday photo shoot;
She said:
To be honest, I have always thought of doing a nude photo shoot for a long time. When I was younger, I felt my body was too sexy and it scared me. I was ashamed of my body, it was too grown. Now that I’m older, I saw that it’s a trend; everybody craves to have a sexy body. Even people are paying, some going under the knife to have my kind of body, so why am I covering myself? I had to embrace myself. Like, this is who I am; the body is not going anywhere. It is going to be mine forever.
So, the last time I came to Nigeria, I was like, let me do a n*de photo shoot. I love my body just like I love myself. So, I wanted the world to see what I have got in me. However, it’s not like I was totally n*de, because I wasn’t showing anything. But Nigerians are taking the matter too seriously. I am not mad at them; I am just enjoying it all. I don’t care. People must talk, complain, regardless of what you do or didn’t do. That’s the kind of world we live in! I just do whatever makes me happy.
On if her boyfriend supported her move to go n*ked, she said:
He is very supportive of everything that I do as long as it makes me happy and comfortable. He made sure I was ready for the tongue lashing, before I posted those photos.
He was supposed to be there but he couldn’t make it. We actually came down to Nigeria together but he had to go back to the States during the shoot for something urgent.
On how she felt when her stylist, Swanky Jerry and his crew saw her n*kedness
Swanky asked me all over if I was ready for such a daring shoot, I told him I was; and then we went into action. I was not shy or uncomfortable because it was all professional. It wasn’t a s*x scene or something of such, just a nude photo session. They all did their work professionally. I was very confident!
She was then asked if she has had any encounter with women who wanted to get down with her for her sexiness:
Of course, my body is too sexy; they can’t resist it. All kinds of women woo me all the time (smiles). And I was offered 10,000 US dollars to join an orgy party. It is a one-night party full of beautiful women that would have moments of really intense s*x!

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