The urgent need of an Energy plant in Nigeria -Lucky Nnoyelum

The urgent need of an Energy plant in Nigeria


Irritating, Disgusting, Hazardous,( Symbols of a refuse dump). No one likes the Sight of it. But what if I tell you, these waste, well managed, can go a long way to help and change the economy of a growing nation like Nigeria.

The pictures shows the pathway that lead to my hostel in nnamdi Azikwe university Awka. After the construction of Ifite awka road (kudos to the Government), it seems that the authority in charge totally forgot their duty to properly manage the refuse dumps. Strategic junctions  in ifite road have become an eyesore. Heap of dirt everywhere, imposing a lot of health dangers to the life of the students. It baffles me seeing “Roadside sellers” selling edibles very close to this refuse dumps which most students purchase but what can they do,That is by the way.

This week Thursday,  Am writing an exam in a course which taught me alot about renewable and non-renewable energy. It really went indept to Explain “Waste Energy” as a renewable form of energy. It gave me a whole lot of insight  about waste management. That something so appalling, rejected  by the society can be turned into something  of significant benefit. The construction of a Energy  plant,  which can convert trash to Electricity. Not only that, Space will be saved and there  is a substantial prevention of the release of toxic chemicals into groundwater, Reduction in the release of the greenhouse gas – Methane – in the atmosphere.

Nigeria is at the verge of population explosion and municipal waste will thus be on the increase. We have to take advantage of this growing population to make provision of a Waste Energy plant.  There is more advantage to our growing number than disadvantage.


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Ethiopia is the first Africa Country to make this great move of Economical/Technological advancement,  The first  Ever Waste Energy  plant in Africa.The plant can contain 80% of the country’s Waste. This development is of recent in the country and it is worth of  Emulation. Africa countries should learn from Ethiopia and save the lives of its citizens.


My plea to the Government of Nigeria is to consider Energy plants as an innovation that will go a long way to make our country better, Neat and to an extent, Health safety of the masses will be assured. In so doing, refuse dumps like the one in the pathway to my hostel in school will be cleared because of the urgent need of this trash to Generate Electricity in the country.

Years to come and this is not done, it will be a terrible disaster which could have been averted.  The Earlier, the better.

I hope to see a nation where waste is cherished.

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Waste Energy  plant is the solution

For the love of Africa

For the love of Nigeria



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