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See The funny convo between a fake Pastor and a lady


Her reaction to the Fake Pastor ,more screenshots of the conversation after the cut….

I normally wouldn’t put my convo up here with anyone but I have had it up to my neck. Kilode?😈 There’s no day that passes without someone tryna swindle me. E no go ever work for una oh cos I know who, whose and what I am.

Anyways, this individual tried to get money for me in the name of God through a nonexistent prophecy about Him sending an overflow of His blessings upon me. Guy, you well at all? I get His blessings daily that I get embarrassed and very close friends are shocked as to how e take happen. Sharp sharp success no dey ever move me! IT DOESN’T AND WILL NEVER LAST.
What exactly is my point here? As Christians, we should know our footing in Christ so as to sense when we are being conned. God will always give us strength to overcome the devil’s devices in Jesus name, amen.
P.S: Please let’s all be careful of this individual and those like him. Don’t mind the typos from the chat please. I just woke up and was in a rush typing as that message angered my spirit.

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