“Register For Survivor 2018 Reality TV Show Season II | Registration And Full Details



Register For Survivor 2018 Reality TV Show Season II | Registration And Full Details


Survivor 2018 Reality TV Show Season II – Survivor reality Tv show, is reality programme that is being aired live on TV stations and also live on facebook, instagram, youtube channels. the programme is designed for aspiring youths whom are looking for a platform to showcase their talents and also utilize the opportunity to and equally learn certain things ordinarily they wont get to learn. Survivor Reality TV show is a live programme that creates the platform for youths from different parts of the country to live together with a goal, which is all about creativity, innovation and focus. The program has both it’s outdoor and indoor session. The indoor segment is the part they stay in an undisclosed house and they go about their daily activities with task that would come up. While the outdoor segment which can be equally referred to as the jungle aspect, here task would be given the theme of the game Survivor comes in here. During the course of this programme the contestants would undergo various entrepreneur training such as make up, craft, bead making, leather making, shoe making and many more. their would be movie shoot by the contestants during the period of these program. Additionally, their would be eviction during the show which means that voting is required. The season I of the Survivor 2018 Reality TV Show Season was filled with fun as it saw only five survivors out of the twenty contestants known as gladiators. but their was the ultimate winner who is Gladiator Ochiaka Wendy. Survivor 2018 Reality TV Show Season II is ongoing now, and auditions would be carried out in various states as the organizers of the programme has deemed it fit to extend it to other states acroos the East. the Audition would be taking place in all the states in the Eastern part of the country Enugu,Anambra,Imo,Abia, And finally Ebonyi is the final audition ground. Also Read Click here to know more about survivor reality tv show season one ”

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