⬇⬇⬇Reasons why i will soon stop attending shows hosted by Students~ Dj Ozone

Difference between School events, Private Events and Company’s Events ….

Read the following conversations

*Students Event*

*D.O.S:* P.A which DJ will blast for us in our night coming up soon..
*P.A:* let’s contact DJ Ozone
*D.O.S:* Wao that guy bad, my *PA* that’s why i like u, u get sense wela,
so whats his charge?
*P.A:* should be between 40 to 50k
*DOS:* taaaaa u dey mad 😡😡😡, pls go find DJ wey fit collect 5k or 10k, i don’t know wen u go get sense for this life 😂😂😂
( _Next thing u go see one Dj go carry two home theater speakers enter stage 😂😂😂 …. d will continue fixing the MIC 10mins interval…at d end Students won’t enjoy the show._)

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*Private Event*

A conversation between Bride and Groom via there upcoming wedding …..

*Bride:* Baby please hope is Dj Ozone we are inviting for the wedding?
*Groom:* Sure, no gambling…he is surely coming.
( _without even asking price, bcos d will pay any amount to make sure d bring a good Dj._ )

*Company’s Event*
GLO campus Tour

*GM:* You know we are touring East by nxt month, go and scout for one of the Best Djs in d East…
*Event Planner:* Who else, lets work with *Dj Ozone*
*GM:* Ok call him let’s book him asap.
( _Without even pricing_ )

*Lesson:* You don’t price original goods, u only pray to get them available…
*Good Djs aren’t Cheap*

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