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Power season 5 premiere date, cast and everything you need to know

Your ultimate guide to the narco saga.

Ghost, James St. Patrick and Tommy Egan, Power Season 4 finale

And, after season four’s major shocks,

dedicated Power addicts are counting the days until the crime saga (which follows the misadventures of a New York nightclub owner / drug runner) returns.

Until then, here’s everything you need to know about the next season.
Power season 5: Premiere date

Season 4 had barely ended before Power‘s network Starz started teasing the next season of their most popular show.
We’d ideally like it to return tomorrow (it ended on a fairly big cliffhanger, which we’ll get to in a bit) but they do need time to shoot and edit it, we guess.

Power season 5: Cast

One thing’s for sure as Power heads into its endgame: no-one’s safe.
“Look, no-one’s been safe on our show for quite some time, but obviously, the main characters have had longer lives.
“We are reaching the end of this journey, so the main characters are less safe than they have ever been before,” Power creator Courtney A Kemp said after season four’s finale aired.
So expect all your favourite characters to return – whether it’s Ghost (Omari Hardwick), Tommy (Joseph Sikora), Kanan (50 Cent), Dre (Rotimi Akinosho), Tariq (Michael Rainey) or Angela (Lela Loren) – but just don’t expect them to make it to the final episode.

Power season 5: Teaser trailer

It’s a very short tease, but Power fans were happy to get anything at all, considering how far away the next season is from being broadcast.
The trailer basically sets up next season’s key drama – Ghost, Tommy and Kanan getting ready to take down their mutual enemy Dre.
It won’t be a surprise to fans – this was all fairly solidly established in season four’s cliffhanging finale – but perhaps the most intriguing element is the rumour that season five will be the last one ever. This feels like a big enough plot to go out on.

Power season 5: Plot

Speaking of plot, don’t worry, it’s not going to be all doom and gloom in season five.
“Of course, it can get worse,” Courtney A Kemp said. “Because no-one’s been caught for anything yet. You know, there’s always another way that things can go badly on Power, but then also there might be some great joy and some great success. People might come out ahead. I don’t know. Maybe two of our characters are going to fall back in love. Who knows?”
But still, do brace yourself for big shocks and major surprises – especially as it sounds like we’ll see more moments like season four’s penultimate episode twist.
Whatever the plot twists, Netflix had better step up their game when they do get around to showing season five – because last month, a technical failure led to a broadcast delay, which led to a whole bunch of complaints about spoilers hitting fans before they’d had the chance to watch the show

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