PDP Students Association Of Nigeria Frowns at NANS Negligence To Student’s Plight And Romance with APC-led Govt.


PDP Students Association Of Nigeria Frowns at NANS on Negligence To Student’s Plight And Romance with APC-led Govt.

PDP Students Association Of Nigeria knocks NANS on Insensitivity To Student’s Plight And Romance With The Ruling ALL Progressives Congress,
Asking Factional President to Step Aside With His Executives For Involvement In Partisan Politics.

The Peoples Democratic Party Students Association Of Nigeria (PDP SAN) has taken a swipe at a faction of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) for their insensitivity to student’s plight, continuous romance with the All progressive Congress and for reducing a pressure group to a campaign based organisation.

According to the statement released by Peoples Democratic Party Students Association Of Nigeria (PDP SAN) National coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Ita Udombon jointly signed  by the association’s  National publicity Secretary Comrade Anthony Chidi .

PDPSAN frowns at the fact that Bamidele Danielson, the factional president could play with the intelligence of the masses especially the Nigerian students by having his public relation officer issue a sponsored press statement as contained in the vanguard newspaper of Thursday 27th December 2018

praising the APC led Federal Government for stable power supply. This the association sees as an overzealous attempt by Bamidele to please his paymasters and curry undue favor.

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It also laughable that NANS is commending the FG for the stability of power when in actual sense, the Buhari’s administration is yet to add a single megawatt to the national grid.

The association wonders how Bamidele and his cohort feel comfortable romancing with Buhari whose administration has kept Nigerian Students at home for more than 8 weeks without any possibility of them returning to the classroom soon.

The association wishes to draw the attention of the general student’s community to the ultimatum issued by Bamidele to lecturers and the Federal Government as mere paperwork that is lacking in substance and also as a means to use the students community to coerce the lecturers to rescind on their decision to get what is legitimately theirs and also a means of having the federal government abandon their responsibilities to tertiary institution in the country.

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This is due to the fact that the Factional President is a card carrying member of the All Progressives Congress and currently the Director of students mobilisation and support group of The Obong Nsima Ekere’s campaign organization, an APC gubernatorial candidate in Akwa Ibom State.

The association calls on the factional president to stop parading himself as the NANS president but rather focus more on delivery his party at the poll rather than use NANS for personal gains.

Consequently, the PDP Students Association Of Nigeria implore all Nigerian students to rally around the PDP presidential Candidate, HE Atiku Abubakar as he has the capacity to rewrite the Nigerian story and put an end to the incessant strikes and crisis that has that has destroyed the Nigerian educational system.


The association solicits students not to give it supports to a candidate whose High School certificate is always a subject of ridicule both at home and among the international community.

The association wish to notify the entire Students community that HE Atiku Abubakar as a private individual has offered more than one million Nigerians scholarship through through several medium and as the President, he will place priority on education.


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