😯“Ohanaeze Ndigbo Is Responsible For The Death Of The People In Ozubulu” – Nnamdi Kanu Says

He made the allegations while addressing IPOB members who paid him a visit at his Umuahia residence .

According to him, Ohanaeze leadership allegedly accepted financial inducement from anti-Biafra individuals and
organization to divide the opinions of South-easternersthrough various media statements so that terror could be unleashed on the people already divided in thoughts.

He further dismissed the reports that claim the shooting was a product of on-going feud between two overseas-based drug barons of Igboorigin.

Kanu said:

“They have killed our peoplein Onitsha. They have been to thechurch to massacre our people in Ozubulu.

“When we ask you not to vote, people don’t understand. Those you are voting for cannot protect you. I warned you four years ago that a time will come when they would come into your house, your villages to massacre you and nobody will protect you. It has happened. Hasn’t it?

“They want us to vote in Anambra where they are killing our people; where they cannot protect us.“The only reason why theywant you to voteis because of the monthly allocation so that they can keep sharing money every month.

“They don’t careabout you. They don’t give a damn about you.“Do you know why they killed people at Ozubulu?

“The enemies are very clever. Since, I came out of prison they could not attack. They were waiting to drive a division between us and the politicians inAbuja; and your governors; and Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

“When they saw that we (Igbos) were together, they couldn’t do anything. They kept waiting. They kept givingthem (South-East governors and Ohanaeze leadership) money to attack IPOB.

“The moment they started doing what they were told, the enemies knew itwas the time to strike.“Our people are not reasonable enough to understand the threat facing them.

“Tell me where in this world youhave a governor like you have in Anambra, and the enemy will come and strike.

“The killing in Ozubulu is an example of how the enemy works. They firstof all come and try your resolve and when you resist them, theyuse subterfuge to divide you. Once they see any space, they strike. Ohanaezemust know this.

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo is responsible for the death of the people in Ozubulu.”

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