“None Of The Released 21 Chibok Girls Were Molested” – Report Claims

Not a single girl out of the 21 released Chibok
schoolgirls was sexually assaulted during the
two years spent in Boko Haram captivity.
Quoting a source close to negotiations to free
the remaining of those abducted in April

2014, NAN dismissed reports that the only girl
who came back with a child was impregnated
by an insurgent.
The agency said the girl was pregnant before
her abduction.
“The girl and her parents have confirmed
this. The child is not a Boko Haram Child,” the
source reportedly said.

None of the girls released was sexually
harassed or abused while in captivity by
their abductors.
“The current state of the girls is a source
of joy as they are receiving the best
medical, psychological and other forms of
support from the authorities as directed by
the federal government.
“All groups including the families, The
Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) and Chibok
Community are happy with their condition
as medical experts work to address their
health conditions.

“The girls have been visited by members of
International Committee of the Red Cross,
which played a great role in getting the
girls freed.
“It is obvious to everyone that having been
in captivity, the girls were traumatised but
since their release, they are showing signs
of recovery.”
Speculative reports about the state of the
freed captives, are said to be creating
stumbling blocks to further talks with the
The insurgents were said to be angry with
government for breaching some
understanding reached with them when the
21 girls were being handed over on October

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