No Genuine Protest In Imo State Since The Advent Of Gov. Uzodinma’s Government

There has not been any genuine protest since the advent of Governor Hope Uzodinma’s administration. What We Have occasionally, Is Nothing But Scanty Political Gathering Of People Drafted To Collect A Thousand Naira Each To Parade As Pensioners Under The Rain.
It is for the best interest of agents of destabilization and sworn enemies of the state plotting on a daily basis to discredit and distract the Shared Prosperity Government to sheath their swords now and embrace peace.
It is the height of irresponsibility and sheer wickedness to blindfold vulnerable Imolites and subject them to unwarranted street punishment by using them as veritable instruments for political blackmail. How much low could these people be prepared to go?
All the gang-ups at home and Abuja, will definitely amount to nothing. You cannot fight a man with substantial grace upon him. Gov. Hope Uzodinma did not make himself Governor. God used the people of Imo state to install this Governor. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.
Those fighting the Governor are only afraid of what he has achieved under 6 months even in the midst of the economic meltdown as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. Their mission is not to remove the Governor now because they know it is not possible. Their angst is that if the Governor is not distracted, if he is allowed to function in a peaceful atmosphere, his second term will be a walk over.
In the light of the foregoing, the fear of the unknown, has brought together all the erstwhile sworn political enemies, who decided to join their forces together against Gov. Hope Uzodinma in the spirit of “the enemy of my enemy, is my friend”.
These divisive forces of hate particularism will stop at nothing in ensuring that Imo people are fed with lies and falsehood against the Government. But unfortunately for them, God has continued to expose and embarrass them at every step of the way.
Leadership is about service to the people but these power mongers have succeeded in turning it the other way round, ‘service to themselves and cronies. How much more are we willing to allow these conscienceless men of greed to keep desecrating our land and subjecting our people to untold madness in the name of fighting Gov. Hope Uzodinma?
Is it not yet clear to these people that it is impossible to defeat a man thrown up by God as His instrument of devine accomplishments? There should be an end to ruthless politics. Imo people are happy and proud of their Governor. No amount of blackmail and falsehood will change the hands of God upon His own vessel which He anointed for the good people of Imo state. These political juntas roaming around the political space of Imo wrecking havoc up and down should have a rethink, they should be advised to pull back honourably and allow our people to enjoy the dividends of good governance which the Shared Prosperity Governor is offering to Imo people.
Enough is Enough!
Dr. Fabian Ihekweme.

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