😘MUST SEE : 7 Tips To Make A Difficult Woman Fall In Love With You

Is there a girl you really like so much but she refused to accept your love or find it difficult to get into her skull?

Here are 7 tips to make a difficult woman fall in love with you.

Patience: “A difficult woman will always find excuses not to agree to go out with you, she will make you feel that you can not reach her but this even though it seems strange, is part of the interest that also has in you so the first piece of advice I can give you is MUCH PATIENCE”.

Do not annoy her: “With a difficult woman, you must insist but not too much, if you use to call her 3 times a day 7 days a week, better call her 1 once a day for 4 days and do not continue because if you call her

constantly you will end up annoying her”.

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Be thoughtful: “Be thoughtful, write poems, or send flowers without you giving them to her directly, because that puts a little mystery to the conquest, which women love”.

Do not harass her: “Insist on what you feel for her but never get to the degree of becoming a stalker as this scares anyone, give her space always, because if you harass her too much, she will be frightened and end up thinking that if she starts caring about you, she will never have a life of her own, so even if you want to hear her voice all day long, stand up and do not push her”.

Do not be controlling: “When you talk to her, ask her how she is or how she has gone, but you are never too insistent on telling her who she was with, who she was thinking of, or who called her because that cuts off her freedom and you are telling her to be accountable but things should not be like that”.

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Be understanding: “ This is the most important advice I will give you to conquer, have a lot of understanding, a difficult woman needs patience and a lot of understanding, if the woman is difficult is because she is suspicious, make her feel that she can trust you”.

Be nice: “A difficult woman should know that you are willing to fight for her, but that you are not willing to throw yourself on the ground for her to raise you, they are 2 very different things, and as I told you, be gentle, kind, affectionate, tender, Patient, educated; but never be zealous, obsessive, or talk too much about yourself and listen to her, and that will open you, the doors of her heart”.

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