Man Started Yahoo In The Morning, Got Arrested By EFCC In The Evening

A very interesting thing happened in Lagos, Ikeja precisely. A man whose name won’t be disclosed was recently arrested by EFCC, on enquirer it was gotten that he just started his Yahoo on the morning of that day.

ST as fondly called by friends has been staying with some of his friends in the business (Yahoo), when he has finally learnt to work he decided to try it out.

Not knowing that things weren’t going to be as planned. His friends went out to party and cool off but he decided to remain indoor and do some work.

EFCC came storming the place that evening after getting some information about such activity in that area. ST was arrested for indulging in such an act. When questioned by EFCC he told them how he started his first business on the morning of that day and was arrested that same day on the evening

Dont do it because others are doing it, it might not Favour you.

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