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Man caught his wife having s*x with her boyfriend in his home

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Man caught his wife having sex with her boyfriend after neigbours tipped him off Lailasnews 1

A man in Zimbabwe has reportedly caught his wife while having sex with her boyfriend. The man was allegedly tipped off by neighbours who have noticed the adulterous activities of the lovers.
The incident happend at a local town called Hwange’s Mpumalanga, Zimbabwe. It is reported that Thabani Mudimba working in Mhondoro got the shock of his life when he walked in on his wife Yabani Mudimba (Nee Nyoni) in a midnight sex romp with her long time lover George Nyakabawo.
The man was said to have stormed the location where the lovers where having fun with policemen to prevent him from overacting to the situation.
According to B-Metro, a source close to the couple said Thabani who works in Mhondoro was informed by neighbours that his wife was madly in love with Nyakabawo and that during his absence she was always going to his place for sleep-overs.
Following that tip-off and on the day Thabani caught the two lovebirds Unclad in bed he reportedly lied to his wife that he was going back to Mhondoro before he proceeded to a friend’s place which is close to Nyakabawo’s.

Believing that her husband would not be back at home until the next day, the woman had visited her boyfriend’s home only to be busted right there in the middle of the night.
“When she left her house going to Nyakabawo’s place, Yabani didn’t know that her husband was ambushing her at his friend’s place which is also close to that of her lover. When she arrived at Nyakabawo’s house, some neighbours who were also monitoring her quickly alerted Thabani.
“Thabani in a bid to have solid witnesses to the two lovebirds’ shenanigans, he quickly went and collected two police officers who accompanied him to Nyakabawo’s house where upon storming it they found the pair Unclad in bed,” said the source.
After being busted, the red-faced lovebirds who were nervously shaking reportedly asked for forgiveness confessing that they had been doing it for a long time and that they had also on several occasions gone to Victoria-Falls for picnics.

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