Luckynewsinfo Exclusive Interview with Int DJ Murphy

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 Exclusive Interview with Int  DJ Murphy 

Tell me about yourself ?

My name is mbanugo ndubuisi nonso.  I hail from oraifite community in ekwusigo L.G.A  in Anambra state. I grew up in nnewi where I did my primary and secondary schooling. I went further to study accounting in Anambra state university and graduated in 2016. A family of 6 3 boys & 3 girls
Am the 4th born and d last boy.

How did it all started?

  I pictured interest in the Dj profession some time early 2011 before I entered the university where I got serious training from Dj zest. And began my career. I have developed on myself and gained alot of experience during the cause of my career as a Dj. By the special grace of God and his infinite mercies that he has bestowed on me , I am becoming the man I have always dreamt of.

Where do you see yourself in 5years ?

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As one of the best Dj’s in Anambra, I see myself becoming the best Dj in the state and on different places. I believe by the next few years my name will ring a bell in the whole of Nigeria  also in African.

Why did you choose Dj profession?

  I have loved music since when I was little, I loved singing too. When I listened to beats I’m very excited and this prompted me into choosing the profession. So help me God

How do people describe you.?

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 Emm…… some people see me as d big fish in Dj industry
I love to perform everywhere and I keep my legacy there. Some of my friends call me international. Lol

What is your greatest strength/ greatest weakness.?

My greatest strength is the ease I find in learning new skills steps in Dj. I don’t forget whatever I learn when it comes to playing music. This helped me during my school days when I even thought of dropping out from school.

My weakness in this industry has always been exposure. I have not had the opportunity to really meet the big fishes in the field . Sometimes  I even consider relocating to meet big Dj’s.

what motivates you?

       My world mom, she has been my greatest inspiration and she has always supported since I started my career as a Dj.

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who is your biggest inspiration/ who do you have a lot of respect for?. 

    When I started my DJ career using virtual Dj  I played it for like 3yrs. Until I met Dj Moonlait 2015 I followed her up she taught me different skills  pattern steps in playing and scratching in serato Dj.  So i owe her a lot.  she has been  my biggest inspiration till date. 

what single night out has been the most memorable for you as. Dj?.

  I always say God is love
Av been to different parts of Nigeria  I was recognized by Dj swayzee in balcony club makurdi when I went for a show. When I performed there  the shout-out I heard from d audience was good  and encouraging when I was about to leave the stage  they had to borrow me out throughout the nights 😆  to play @d rest of the shows   Also when I was @ club jocker , Benin city and so many other places about played I keep my legacy my work and my name n I also believe in God Because he has been faithful. 

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what is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming Dj’s make and what advice do you have for them.?

Emmmm. Am still an up and coming Dj am not still strong but my advice to us is that we should work hard don’t only depend on d money or work u make before u practice. By Practicing makes you perfect .  I  worked on my self and became d CEO smile of nature events.  I still have long way to go.  We all have to work hard.  Long live Anambra Dj’s, long live Nigerian Dj’s. Long live my country Nigeria.   Thanks. Am still DJ Murphy

What do you have to say  About Luckynewsinfo’s Blog?
I can say it’s d best site I knw

D Luckynewsinfo himself happens to be my classmate back den in secondary school. All my MIXJAM has been uploaded to his sites n I believe it’s d site for artist and all other news u want to Knw just go to

Facebook name
Mbanugo ndubuisi nonso
My instagram
Twitter: @djmurphy4u


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