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Let us talk about S3x in a Relationship , The Ideal Relationship -Ekwegbalu Nnamdi. {Mr Insights}

The Ideal Relationship.
{Let us talk about S3x in a Relationship}

Contrary to what we may want to believe, relationship isn’t necessarily between two perfect people, it is actually between two imperfect people committed to seeing each other better.

There are times when one person might appear stronger than the other, vice versa. What ideally should happen in such situation, is that the person who is stronger becomes an anchor for the other.

What then happens when both are weak? The both should encourage each other. What about when one falls? The ideal thing is that the one standing should pick the other up. What of when both falls? Then the both should endeavor to pick each other up, dust themselves and encourage themselves in the Lord.

Yes I said, ‘in the Lord’, I know some would advise you that as a Christian you shouldn’t enter into a relationship for the risk of falling into temptation. Here is a newsflash, ‘you will still fall into temptation outside of a relationship’. I know some also believe that once you enter into a relationship with the opposite sex, that you become prone to having sex, here is another news flash, ‘some even have s3x without being in a relationship’.

Let me quote the scripture to you, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up”. That can of course be found in the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 4, Verse 9-10.

But then, if you are comfortable with walking alone, it is good, but if you find yourself in love, and you have found in the other person someone you desire to do life with, then here is some goodnews, you don’t necessarily need to be perfect, to end up together. As long as there is commitment, then anything is possible.

Let me quote a wise man from the Bible, in Proverbs 16 Vs 3 “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans”, this includes your relationships too. So does this mean that God encourages sexual relationships? Absolutely not!

Come to think of it, Deuteronomy 10 Vs 13, “to observe the LORD’s commands and decrees that I am giving you today for your own good?”. So when you decide to pursue a pure relationship with the opposite s3x, it is actually for your own good. First you avoid putting yourself in an awkward situation each time, asking for abortion because you got her pregnant, or suffering heart attack repeatedly when she misses her period for a day or two.

Forget what we see in movies, the truth is that we cannot realize true love by pursuing our own selfish interest each time, and when we continue to pursue and engage in sexual intimacy with our partner outside marriage, then we negate the real Emotional, Psychological and even Spiritual intimacy that should ideally exist between the two of you before marriage, which should have taken time to develop.

But then because we allowed ourselves to be blinded by s3x, we twarted the process and then pay for it after marriage. When we discover that apart from s3x nothing else really holds us together. In essence, s3x doesn’t keep relationships. If you doubt me, ask those married people that still file for divorce after several years of marriage.

What is the ideal Relationship? It is a relationship which has God at its Center, between two people who are not necessarily perfect but are committed to each other and the vision that God has put in their hearts. Those who understand what it is to pray for each other and stand in the gap, who understand what it is to prophecy over each other and encourage each other come what may.

What then happens when they fall? They don’t give-up on each other, but they pick themselves up, dust themselves off and continue to press towards the mark for the future they both desire. In conclusion, a victorious relationship is a walk of faith.

Written by,
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi.
{Mr Insights}

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