Big Brother Naija Frodd’s mother, Mrs Chinwe Okoye; a business tycoon and an Administrator, granted our Editor, Elochukwu Ezeumeanya a brief interview in her car over a video call. She revealed alot of untold stories about her Reality TV Star Son, Frodd. Enjoy:

Elochukwu :Ma, Can you lead us into the hidden world of your son Frodd?
Mrs Chinwe: (Smiles) Oh God, what a question, where will I start from?
Elochukwu: from the Moon (loud laughter)
Mrs Chinwe: Ok, let me start from the genesis. Chukwuemeka is my first child and I had him when I was 19years old immediately after my secondary school.
He is a very good example of someone that changeth not, right from his childhood till date, he has being very respectful, obedient, very caring, compassionate and emotional. He can take bullets for any of his loved ones, that’s why I’m not surprised he was the first to cry for the main reason of family in the Big Brother Naija house. I was baffled when I hear people saying he was just acting and my reply to that is No, he wasn’t. That’s my son, I know him.

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Elochukwu: Ok, what do you have to say about his career?
Mrs Chinwe: He is doing well and never settles for less.
Let me confess, I have been bordering him to go and marry and give me a Grandchild to carry since he is 27, but he said no. That he wants to make money, real big money first before taking a wife because he doesn’t want to suffer someone’s daughter in the name of wife. That’s how caring he is.(smiles)
Elochukwu: Nice, still on career, what and what has he been or being doing well?
Mrs Chinwe: Elochukwu my son is into general merchandize, he has a young Clothing line and he models. He is extremely ambitious right from his undergraduate days. He was into pageantry and has won many crowns. He can’t just be a floor member in any circle. That’s my son for you.

Elochukwu: Thats cool. Now tell me, what’s your relationship with him like, smooth or rough rapport?
Mrs Chinwe: Ooh, I and my son roll well. I know so many peers of mine who are cat and dog with their sons, but mine is different because Frod is very obedient. Do you know I still monitor him till now, yes! He doesn’t live with us anymore because he’s an adult, but anytime he comes around especially weekends, and its about to clock 10pm while he’s out, I will starting calling him because I’m a disciplinarian. And he will simply obey and return. That boy is so precious. He helps me in the kitchen too, yes! He is an excellent Cook. Are you not watching him cook in the big Brother?

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Elochukwu:(Smiles) I do. Ok. Since you roll well with him Ma, have you noticed the chemistry and biology between him and Isilomo, does it mean he doesn’t have a girlfriend before now?
Mrs Chinwe:(laughs louder) Elochukwu abegoo, you will not kill me here, Chai! Well Emeka has a girlfriend. The girl stays in Awka. Because I have been bordering him to give me a grandchild, he was on call with her one day and gave me phone to speak with her.
Elochukwu: Wow! Good to know. So Ma, do you really mean your son doesn’t have any problem or bad side?
Mrs Chinwe: (smiles) hmmm… Elochukwu Frodd doesn’t have a bad side. The only problem he has is that he is too handsome physically, inwardly and otherwise; more reason why most ladies want him! Can’t you see Viewers hailing him husband material all over social media? He has the heart of Jesus. A rare gem.
Elochukwu: (Smiles) really?
Mrs Chinwe: Before nko?
Elochukwu: Ok ma. Let me leave you to ride on. Thanks for the audience.
Mrs Chinwe: You are welcome Nnaa. Biko better vote and support him ooO.
Elochukwu: Hmmmm…Oya bye ma.

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