Is NIGERIA under OCCULT Manipulation ?

I am beginning to look at the Nigerian factor from a spiritual point of view. Before you write me off as a religious nut head, hear me out first.

Yes, I believe that learned people should not ascribe every cause to superstition, but believe me, the more I try to understand our leaders, the more I feel that something out of the ordinary is controlling their actions.

At the risk of sounding myopic and uneducated, I will go further to say, that an occult and extremely wicked cabal has this country on remote control. Let me show you some facts to back up my claim.
In 16 years, Nigeria spent $35.45 billion dollars on Power generation, at the end, we are managing to generate less than 3,000 megawatt of electricity.

On the other hand, in 2012, China finished construction of the world’s largest hydroelectric plant named the Three Gorges Dam. This power plant generates 22,000 megawatt of power, and was completed on a budget of $25 billion dollars!

Can you believe the difference? The same China also finished construction on the Xiluodu dam in 2013. This new dam has a generating capacity of 13,860 megawatts of power, and was built for $6.2 billion dollars!

I believe that our so called leaders are learned, and thus they know that Power alone can revitalize our economy. They know that without power, cost of production will be high.

Foreign companies will not want to invest, even the ones on ground, like Dunlop tyres, has relocated to Ghana, where they have better electricity. Our textile mills are down, most of our manufacturing sector are closing shop.

This creates a vicious cycle that leads to more importation of finished goods, continuous rise in dollar rate, increasing unemployment, inflation, and so many attendant problems.

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Our leaders are very much aware that small entrepreneurs will find it hard to thrive, without constant power. They must know the critical importance of constant power to a developing economy and that most major industry cannot run on generators alone. They travel to Asia, Europe and America, and enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

As I ponder on these, I can only conclude that this is not a case of mere incompetence or ordinary corruption, after all China is also battling corruption, yet it is not affecting her rate of development.
Either we consistently elect a bunch of idiots, or once sane men are elected, they fall to the influence of occult manipulation.

How else can one explain the level of wickedness and incompetence in our government? It seems they relish the suffering of the masses, and I am sure only demons relish the tears of people.

They say we should pray for our leaders, I agree, but since I believe our leaders are demon possessed, the type of prayer they need, is deliverance prayer, coupled with severe flogging.

Nigerians… I think it’s time we realize where our problem lies, forget about tribalism. That is not our problem; they incite us along ethnic and religious lines, so we can never be united to fight this corruption and wickedness. We end up electing and defending people, simply because they are from our tribe.

I will never support anyone because of tribal sentiments. If a man from my tribe is using the wealth of 150 million Nigerians, for the sensual pleasures, his numerous mistresses, and his unborn generation, I think that man is evil and must be exorcised. It has nothing to do with tribe.

Nigeria is a great nation, it is people that are making it bad. I sincerely hope that one day, the youths will galvanize across all ethnic and religious lines, and say enough is enough. After all in France, 39 year old Emmanuel Macron, has just been elected president! While most Nigerian youths at 39 are still battling unemployment or underemployment.

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It is time for us to speak out against wickedness in high places. The more we sensitize ourselves, the harder it will be for these hardened criminals to hold on to their position. We should talk about their injustice and wickedness, we should blog about it. Private televisions and radios, should hold deep discussions on these matters, and not just giving us useless drama that dulls our senses and turn us into a nation of fools. There should be more intelligent discussions on our media houses, unless the leaders are also controlling them. But in this generation, you cannot control the media. There is this thing called social media, and it is the oppressor’s nightmare. It has toppled governments and caused seismic change all over the world.

The more public awareness grows and the more action we take, the weaker these power elites will become, and I sincerely believe that in my lifetime, I will witness the transformation of Nigeria to a place like Dubai. This is why I am encouraging entrepreneurship despite the hurdles. If more people will have this vision of a better tomorrow like the dreams of Martin Luther King jr, it will happen, even if not for us, at least for our children. Dreams are powerful, and once men dare to dream, even GOD will not stop them. Remember the tower of babel in the Holy book? Once men dreamed to build it, the only way God could stop that dream, was to confuse their language.

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Now that looks like what our leaders are doing, they are dividing us along ethnic lines, so we will be easier to manage, as our anger will no longer be directed at them, but at ourselves. Divide and rule is one of the oldest military tactics.

Youths, you are more exposed now. Resist this evil. Our tribal and religious differences is not the problem, our leaders are the problem. I have interacted with youths from across the nation and from different tribes, and I see intelligent, gentle and loving people, but once ethnic sentiments are stirred, the gentleness disappears, along with reasoning.

Let me conclude again with my charge. Youths, focus on your “personal economy”. In case you want to learn something to do with your life, join us in Millionaires Academy ( where we fight for our good through entrepreneurship.

If you are already productively engaged, work hard and never give up. May God bless your hustle and deliver us all from the grip of wickedness.

Engr Ifeanyi Okoro
Millionares Academy

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