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How Marijuana Affects Men And Women Differently

For decades, the cannabis movement has been predominantly a boy’s club. Women are rising up and earning leadership positions all over the industry now, but where did that original disconnect come from? Could it be the way that marijuana affects men and women in different ways?

From voting on measures to cultivating the plant, women are crucial to cannabis and are now leading the way into its next evolution. While balance is being restored, however, having the knowledge of how cannabis affects people when sex is the main equation is important, not only for valuable information, but for direction in the ever more detailed world of weed.


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The main way that cannabis acts differently in women as opposed to men is its interaction with the female production of estrogen. Estrogen is like a magnifying glass for THC and so it may take less cannabis to elevate a woman, especially in the days prior to her ovulation. This is a very good thing for gals who toke, as cannabis is one of the best remedies for period pains, mood swings and other discomforts.

On the other hand, in the same study conducted by Washington State University it was found that the ladies build up tolerance to marijuana faster than their male counterparts, meaning that even with estrogen boosts, they may need an extra pull off the joint for the desired outcome. Another finding in popular studies is that CANNABIS, a known APHRODISIAC, is more effective in women than men, at least in higher THC strains.

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Men are more susceptible to getting the bedroom jitters when super high and performance anxiety can beyond kill the mood. While some studies show that women should choose strains with lower THC counts as well, others show that pretty much any amount of THC is a sexual stimulant for women.


In another study, the researchers found that marijuana affected visuospatial memory more in women than in men, but non-cannabis related studies also suggest that men have an advantage in this type of memory that revolves around object perception and spatial relations. The study also pointed out that women have been grossly underrepresented in pot studies.

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The overarching truth of the matter is that listening to your mind and body and imbibing to your own satisfaction or limits is a very personal thing, no matter man or woman. Just do you and limit the amount of influence you take on from how much your friends or your partner are using. Cannabis is fun, but it’s medicine, too, and knowing and respecting your own limits is part of the experience.

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