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Hon Bede Eke – A Mistake The PDP Must Not Repeat

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Hon Bede Eke – A Mistake The PDP Must Not Repeat


Mazi Ejimofor Opara

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There are times the most candid opinion that redirect the course of our destinies for good come from the counsel of our supposed detractors. So much as I hate to reckon that the putrid National image of the PDP stands any chance in 2019 elections, I must confess that they remain the only alternative in the event that the APC rocks her boat on the stormy political sea of sharks and whales. Bringing it home, and much closer to the Ngor Okpala /Aboh Mbaise federal constituency, there is a burden of correction that rests on the PDP for the 2015 mistake that brought about the  uninspiring representation of Hon. Bede Eke I remember back then the excuse made for him on the grounds of his 8years experience at the State Assembly. What we, as Nde Ngor Okpala failed to ask was the tenability of the excuse and performance indicators that should necessitate such seamless elevation – we just needed an “experienced” Ngor Okpala son to replace Ihedioha so that we can cut our own teeth of the shared spoils.

The question then is, “How far Na?”

This singular non-clear thinking beclouded our sense of evaluation. Evaluation of his past activities in the State Assembly, his capacity to deliver, knowledge base to decide rightly and skill set to legislate appropriately. Hon Bede was a hasty decision. Confirming that saying from my Dad that, “hasty climbers have faults”. These faults have come in such forms as the;

➖ Clear absence of a legislative blue print

➖ Tardy constituency projects

➖ Secrecy in constituency project funds spending

➖ Lopsided project benefits sharing (skewed against Ngor Okpala )

➖ Generally uninspiring representation

This piece is not about recalling our increasing woes or wasting opportunity. But, a charge to the members of PDP in the constituency to carefully reevaluate the credibility of the incumbent’s candidacy in the light of recent developments. The people of Ngor Okpala are already, through other parties, mobilizing support for persons whose track record thay can be proud of, persons with relevant skill sets to redefine the fortunes of the constituency. This resolve is total as evident in the quality of persons already gearing up to mount the saddle.

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In the PDP, there is a growing call for the likes of Barrister Raymond Onyeugo to declare and challenge the status quo. Whether or not he would accept will go a long way in determining the preparedness of the PDP to present a strong fight in 2019. However, if Bede Eke succeeds in his profligate waste of our collective resources in this ongoing cash bazaar, to secure the ticket for a second shot at the green chamber, the 2019 election will be as good as a walkover for candidates from other parties, who will definitely be of better standing on all fronts compared to Bede.

The PDP must not repeat the mistake of ceding the Federal House of Reps ticket to a Legislator who has so much to be resented among sane minded constituents. The PDP must look elsewhere for a credible alternative, if they must be given a second look in Ngor Okpala /Aboh Mbaise Federal Constituency.


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