Read this hilarious and touching wedding experiences shared to ZUMI by one of their readers.

I’ve been married for over twenty-five years and reading the wedding stories series just made me realize that the memory I have of my wedding is quite vague. I couldn’t just wait to go home, I was in so much pain.

Few months to my wedding, I had an appendectomy and I was on admission for a while. One night, I had a weird dream about one of the doctors that had been attending to me. You know those dreams where one second, it all makes sense and the next second it doesn’t? It was one of those; I realized that I was being frustrated by the doctor in the dream.

I woke up to see him sitting beside me and just as I was just thinking “what’s going on?” he said “yes, I’m the one” and walked away.

Ha! I was scared but there was no one to tell.

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That day, I started having a ‘pins and needles’ pricking sensation all over my body. After I got discharged, it kept getting worse everyday to the extent that walking was painful.

I was tempted to go back to the hospital but the fear of the doctor made me stay put. I was hoping it would be okay before my wedding day.

At my wedding, the pain got worse because of all the standing and I just couldn’t wait to go home. At some point I couldn’t take it anymore and I started crying, but of course, everybody thought I was overwhelmed with joy. Only my husband knew what I was going through.

So, the memory I have of my wedding day is a mix of blurry images (tears in my eyes) and pain. Although, I finally went to another hospital, the pain continued till I had my first child and it just went away as mysteriously as it came.

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