FRIENDCLIPS By Augustus Bill

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It’s quite a paradox how relationships take a nose dive the moment our career starts to take off. Those friendships that really mattered; the ones that occupied spaces in our heart suddenly lose their weight in our lives and their connection suddenly weighs less than the tiny feathers of a sick Caribbean pigeon.

The moment our career begins to pick Focus and starts capturing sweet pictures, we forget those sweet memories we once shared when the career was still blur and we were still setting our Focus; those memories that fostered our hopes of greater heights suddenly climb down our minds as our career climbs up.

Those friendships and connections that stood strongly on 4G everywhere we went, suddenly Glo out of our lives, as other things began to rule our world. We just watch as the last bars of our friendships flicker away, and we do nothing to recharge them, because we feel we’ve arrived so we may not need them again.

We forget friends that once invested their time to admire our works and applauded us even when they appeared to be the only ones that heard those punchlines, loved the sweet voice, and admired our ideas when every other person saw nothing good in them.


We relegate these friends to mere fans, and the only time we get to see them are when they yell our names at our Sold out concerts or when their claps are the last to die down during an ovation after we bag our awards. Not like we really see them, because we no longer cared if they still followed up our success.

We ignore their calls, texts, and DMs and cover up with sweet juicy excuses of how busy we are and how our schedules no longer allow us take calls or read texts, except obviously if they are business inclined. These friends sometimes end up in the unwritten list of those barred by our bouncers or Personal Assistants from gaining access to us.

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Our new friends become those that began tagging around when our career began to bear fruits. We consciously and unconsciously ignore those friends, classmates, roommates that watered our career when the dry weather made it look like an unproductive fig tree, and the scourging heat roasted the fibre of our success. They stayed with us, nurturing our career and hoping that we will bloom soon, if not this year, then next, or the next. They never lost hope, but suddenly after our first fruits began to appear, we grew into thorns and pierced them away.

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The moment we reached our first million views on YouTube, spoke at our first National Conference, or got that Fat check job that elevated our status from underground to Stardom we rush to delete memories that lived in the pictures we had with those our old friends. We are advised by our handlers that our status had changed and we needed to repackage ourselves better by deleting those old pictures from our Social media platforms.

One funny thing about life is that these friends sometimes never understand that we have pushed them away and replaced them, they give excuses on our behalf; we are very busy they will say and continue seeking for our good. They are still the ones that would not join the Bandwagon to mock us when we make mistakes in our career, they will stick out their necks for us in defence, because they understand the value of friendship, a value we flushed down the pipe.

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Sometimes, they use our names to maintain a relevant identity during introductions, this they obviously do out of the joy they have that they were the ones that supported and built us from scratch, but we see this as them familiarizing and trying to rub shoulders with our fame.

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We neglect them until the days our fame begins to fade like the final transition on a Hollywood clip, gradually we begin to realize what we had but lost. Then it could be a scandal, a health issue or a case of out of talent scenarios. We only wish it’s not too late, to reinstall those friendships we had clipped.

The moment our friends start seeing our success and failure stories from Broadcast messages and blogs, it becomes obvious that they’ve moved from friends to Fans.


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