Davido reacts to Wizkid’s new pet goat.

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Wizkid's new pet goat

We’re definitely loving this brotherly bond between two of the country’s leading artistes, Davido & Wizkid after they broke the internet and dropped the jaws of many when they made a performance together at their concerts.

Wizkid's new pet goat

Everyone couldn’t get enough of the rave at that time and most of their fans are still even basking in the probability that their new found relationship could have them collaborating in songs.

Wizkid, recently welcomed a new family member, a new pet goat, and everyone were literally on the idea that should his new fam bam live through six months, they wouldn’t waste no time in making it a beauty swimming in a pool of peppersoup.

While everyone else anticipates the slaughtering of the singer’s pet, Davido couldn’t help but be amused at the kinda pet his brother in music got.

He shared the photo of Wizkid’s pet on his page and wrote:
Wizkid don buy goat oo lmao
Wizkid's new pet goat
Lol… how long do you think Wizkid’s pet will last for though?

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