Cristiano Ronaldo : Perseverance Makes The Best

Cristiano Ronaldo : Perseverance Makes The Best


On the evening of December 7, 2017, France.
Ronaldo raised his fifth gold trophy and completed a counterattack that lasted nearly 10 years. Compared to years he just joins in Real Madrid, he leads Real Madrid to step on the peak of Europe, 4 Champion League in 5 years, and 3 of them in a row makes the new history.

Time back to 2008.
At the time, he also played for Manchester United’s Ronaldo and beat Messi and Torres to win the first Golden Globe award in his life. When Manchester United coach Ferguson predicted: “He can create his own era.”

But this prediction did not come true. In the following four years, Messi in Barcelona, with a deadly way to achieve the beyond of Ronaldo – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, Messi has completed four consecutive Ballon d’Or and made history.
The beginning of Ronaldo’s autobiographical film Ronaldo recorded this scene. On the stage of the awards, Messi’s proud smile made Cristiano look more lonely. Cristiano Ronaldo said: “I’m very uncomfortable. I said to myself: ‘I’ll never come again.’” But the next second, he said in a firmer tone: “No, I have to win more Ballon d’Or. !”

At that time, Ronaldo’s words, except himself, no one believed him – not only because he was 2 years older than Messi, but also because Barcelona at that time was commanding to dominate the European football.
But he did it and started a militant counterattack.
In 2013, Ronaldo scored 66 goals in 56 games, single-handedly leading Portugal into the World Cup in Brazil. On the night of Zurich Golden Ball, when the award-winning guest Beli read C Ronaldo’s name, he cried and told the world he’s still the best. The 1869 days between two golden balls is a persistent player who never gives up.

In 2014, Ronaldo scored 17 goals in a single season with the Champions League, leading Real Madrid to win the 10th Champions League which has waited 12 years and won the Ballon d’Or again.

In 2015, Messi defeated Ronaldo with 3 champions in the season and won the fifth Ballon d’Or.
This failure did not make Ronaldo give up. In 2016, Ronaldo not only once again led Real Madrid to win the Champions League but also created history in the European Cup.

It was a legendary journey.

After the release of the list of Portuguese players in the European Championship of France in 2016, it caused a loss – the old is too old and the young is too small. The average age of the four defenders at the back line actually exceeded 34. Among them, Carvalho, the oldest player, was 38 years old and more than twice the number of the youngest Sanches. The team has more than nine players in the “post-90s” and five players under the age of 25. The youngest of them is only 18 years old.
Portugal has never been a popular candidate for the European Cup. And Ronaldo took such a team, all the way to a rough road, several times on the verge of eliminating the edge, but also desperately climbed and climbed over, eventually fell to the finals, to meet the host France.
France vs Portugal, first half, Ronaldo fell once, twice, three times.
After being seriously fouled by French player Payer, Ronaldo’s left knee severely deformed and fell to the ground. He struggled to stand up, fell out of support for the second time after 9 minutes, and stood up again, but a few minutes later, he sat on the ground for the third time, raised his hand to indicate a substitution, and removed the captain’s armband and handed it to his teammates. Nani, tears raining.
Audiences all over the world have seen a moth resting silently on his lashes and kissing his tears as if it were a tragic prediction: this is fate, goodbye, champion.

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Losing the top star in the team, everyone thought that the Portuguese team was done. Fortunately, Ronaldo’s teammate did not think so, Ronaldo did not think so.
C Ronaldo’s unexpected exit has inspired the morale of the other players in Portugal. He is determined to score 0-0 and dragged him into overtime. At this time, Ronaldo had done a simple treatment and returned to the sidelines. Like a coach, he has insanely gesticulated and shouted and encouraged.
In the 109th minute, Portugal’s center Eder scored on the bench and scored long-ranged. Portugal led the French team 1-0 and finally kept the score to the end. The Portuguese team won the European Championship – this is the first international championship in Portuguese football history.
After the game, Ed said: “Before the game, Ronaldo told me that I will be able to shoot into the winning goal and he will pass on his strength and energy to me.”
However, Ronaldo does not claim credit. In the locker room after the game, he cried to coaches, teammates, and other staff members: “I want to thank you all. Before that, no one would believe that Portugal is in the end, but we did it in the end. I am very, very happy. This is the happiest day in my life. Here, we forget individual honors and we fight for collective honor. This is also the happiest moment in my life. ”

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Undoubtedly, this year’s Ballon d’Or is Cristiano Ronaldo. At this point, he was only one block away from Messi’s five gold balls.
In 2017, he led Real Madrid to La Liga championship, and with 8 goals in 3 games against even the top European team Bayern, Atletico Madrid, to advance into the Champions League final, and ultimately the first time after the Champions League to achieve the first defending. Because of this dazzling performance, this winter, he once again stood on the golden ball podium and tied Messi’s five gold balls.

The road must be difficult for Ronaldo to succeed as the No.1 football star. Ronaldo’s growth was very inspiring, he came from poverty, and he changed his fate by football. His father is a gardener, his mother is a cleaner, his brother is a drug addict, and his family is poor. Ronaldo had played football on the street and had suffered bullying. He was bullied because of the short body. However, he fell in love with football and performed well.

At the age of 10, he entered the local national football club.
At the age of 13, Cristiano Ronaldo was signed by the Portuguese giant Sporting Lisbon for a low price of £ 1,500.
At the time of joining, Ronaldo’s Madeira country accent became a laughing stock for his companions in the capital, and he was very self-respected.

But he survived. Here, Ronaldo accepted five years of rigorous scientific training, and his tireless efforts made Ronaldo start to become one of his peers.
Later, Ronaldo’s excellent performance caused Manchester United coach Ferguson’s attention, joined Manchester United, and inherited Beckham’s No. 7 jersey. He won the first Ballon d’Or there.
In 2009, Ronaldo transferred to Real Madrid and the record-breaking transfer fee was 80 million pounds.

What is his key to the greatest? Self-discipline. Ronaldo is famous for his discipline.
A member of Real Madrid coaching staff mentioned such a detail in an interview: “After playing in Turkey for the Champions League, the team returned to Madrid airport at 3 am and most of the players are thinking of driving their car home. And Ronaldo went to the ice bath first. Ronaldo will exercise every day at the Valdebebas training center in Real Madrid or in the huge gym in his own home.”
Self-discipline is also reflected in his diet. His daily intake of food is low-fat and low-sugar. He never drinks, and time is as important as food. Occasional “indulgence” is to eat a few of his favorite Portuguese grilled squid. For these professional athletes have to admire the eating habits, watching the table full of delicious food and not eating, really not normal person can do it.

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Ronaldo’s self-discipline is also reflected in his daily schedule. According to reports, Ronaldo’s daily sleep is not less than 10 hours, and at noon there will be a two-hour lunch break. Unless there is a game task, he rarely sleeps after 11pm.
In Real Madrid, staff like to use “Swiss watches” to describe Ronaldo’s regularity, because this watch has been going very accurately for the past 20 years.
In an interview with France’s “SO FOOT”, Ronaldo said: “A lot of players have performed well in 5 games, 10 games or 15 games, but in one season you must be outstanding in 60 games. To achieve this, the key It’s about sleeping well, resting and eating well. The difference between a good player and the best player in the world is in these details.”

Rio Ferdinand said: “I have never seen anyone who has hired his own dietitian, private doctor, physical therapist and chef like Ronaldo. These people live in Ronaldo’s house. My family is not far from his house and goes to Ronaldo. When you are in the house, you will see people moving around and it feels like a carnival. I was thinking: God, what is this situation? He knows how to invest in himself, so after leaving Manchester United, it became the world. The best player on the team, I praise him like this is a bit of his brain powder.
33-year-old football players, few people can maintain the peak state like Ronaldo.
According to the “Daily Sports News” revealed that sports experts told Ronaldo, as the age increases, the appropriate weight loss can make his muscle vitality as much as possible in the peak state, so Ron decided to lose weight a kilogram a year.
For all aspects of physical training, diet, etc., Ronaldo really paid a lot of money for professionals to adjust, and strict requirements.

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