“Commotion at Chelsea as Sarri strom out of training ahead UEL final

Maurizio Sarri stormed out of a rare full open training Chelsea session in front of the world’s media ahead of the Europa League final.


The Blues’ preparation to face Arsenal in Baku has been far from ideal as Sarri watched a training match towards the end of his public run-out at the Baku Olympic Stadium.


Gonzalo Higuain and David Luiz were seen minorly clashing at the end of a training match during the session.


However, it appeared to be a minor incident to spark such a volatile reaction from the 60-year-old coach, who proceeded to throw down his baseball cap, pick it up and then throw it down again before storming out of the stadium and not coming back to witness the end of his players run-out on Wednesday night.

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According to a Chelsea spokesman, Sarri’s frustration was not related to the clash between Higuain and Luiz and was instead because his side were unable to practice set-pieces with the media watching.


“Maurizio’s frustration displayed at the end of training was not related to any of his players, but was due to not being able to practise set-plays in the final 15 minutes of the hour-long training session as it remained open to media,” the spokesman said.


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