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Samsung Galaxy S10: All You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy S10: All You Need To Know   The Sa1msung galaxy S10 is flagship phone of 2019 so far from Samsung and as it turns out its actually three phones. There is the Samsung Galaxy S10, the galaxy S10 plus and the galaxy s10e so three new phones each …

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Catholic group drops DR Congo poll protests

The Catholic Church, which had thousands on electoral monitors during the 30 December election, believes Felix Tshisekedi did not win the poll An influential Congolese organisation that had denounced December’s presidential elections as fraudulent says it will not call for further protests challenging the result. The CLC coalition of lay …

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The U.S. has a secret weapon in the trade war

As trade tensions run hot between the U.S. and China, President Trump might have one key advantage in the trade war, according to Nomura. Analyst Romit Shah explained that China’s dependence on U.S.-made advanced microchips could give Trump the upper hand. “We believe that as China-U.S. tensions escalate, U.S. semiconductors …

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