Business success Guide for this year (2019)

how to succeed in business

Looking for how to succeed in business? then this article is for you.

Lots of business ideas are being launched everyday, In small scale, medium scale and large scale. However, don’t forget that most of them end up not being successful.

For Instance, you reading this article had a business idea in 2018. Right now, I want you to rate yourself out of 10.

  • Was my business successful in 2018?
  • What number of  sales did I make?
  • How many customers did I bring back to my business?
  • How many customers did I retain?
  • Did I reach up to my expectation?

Now let us get into the main aim of the topic. Keep calm because all your questions will be answered with proper solutions. I will also be giving out a free giveaway to you reading this article. Keep reading and don’t miss any point in order to get the free gift.


How to succeed in business this year

There are many steps to grow your business in 2019. I will be showing you seven ways.

  1. Have a very nice business Idea: A business starts succeeding when the idea is very good. In choosing an idea, choose a business you know that will provide solutions to people’s problems. I always advice people to choose a business they have passion for. For example if you have passion for baking, then you have a high chance of succeeding as an owner of a baking business or academy. Therefore your first target in succeeding is having a nice idea. If possible, let it be unique and different from other peoples own. Analyze your competitors, and find out a nice way to beat them and stand out.


2.  Build a social media presence: This is where I will reveal to you the power of social media marketing. Gone are the days when business startups are done on the streets. The social media is a great tool that you will use to boost your business. The popular social media platforms are facebook and Instagram. With Facebook and Instagram you can get lots of customers and make your sales. In order to get started with social media marketing, you need a smartphone. Then you will be needing a facebook and Instagram page.

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How to use social media for business.

After creating your social media pages, what next? Don’t forget that if you have a social media page, you need a good number of audience. They are the ones that will see your products and patronize you. In order to achieve this, there is a very simple thing to do and that it, make friends!! Yes! Make a lot of friends on facebook. Get to know them, know people that are interested in your business, tell them about your business.

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In addition, create a large number of audience for your page. This is very important. The site you are reading this article now in has over 25,000 followers on social media! To me, I must say that they are ready for business. You too can do the same. Build an audience that is interested in your business. Invite them to like your business pages. If you need help, contact LUCKYNEWSINFO , they will show you the trick to get a huge number of audience!


3. Get a website: A website is a very great tool for your business in 2019. I said earlier that you can find most of your customers online. With a website, you can build a brand for yourself. People can visit your website, see the items you sell, get interested and place order on your website!! For example, the number one e-commerce platform in Nigeria is Jumia. Everyday, jumia makes thousands of sales. Have you ever thought that your business will reach to that great level? Then make a move. Get a website ( online store) today! Click here

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4. Advertise your business on (free):

This is one of the free giveaways. Having a business is not the issue, the main issue is making sales. Advertising ones product is one of the biggest tasks in business. Using the social media is a good option but I recommend zikswap. Zikswap is an online marketplace where people can buy, sell, swap, and advertise their businesses for free. A lot of people make use of zikswap. It is well designed, easy to use and helps to show your business to the world. All you need to do is, visit the site, create an account and upload your items. If you have a full time business, then you can apply as a vendor on zikswap. As a vendor you can own your own online store on zikswap and start selling your stuffs. Make a move!!


5. Patience is the key: A lot of people want to make it BIG in a short period of time. That is not how business works. You need to give your business time. I started an online marketing business which took me many months to make a penny. To tell you the truth, If you start with the steps above, you might not be satisfied at the beginning but If you work very hard and give it your time, then you will succeed.


6. Know your competitors: If you are into business, you should know your competitors. Stalk them. Know what they are doing that you are not. Ifit is something that grows their business, then come out with something better. I always enjoy having competitors because they make me to work harder.

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7. Stay in close contact with your customers: Can I ask you a question? how many of your customers do you have their phone numbers, email address? You need them. Send them monthly greetings. Notify them about your social media pages so that they will stay in touch. Send them your latest products via email and phone numbers!

You reading this, you have a lot to learn. Don’t miss the free giveaway.

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