BigbrotherNaija: Miracle squeezes Khloe’s bum as she dry humps on him

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The Big Brother Naija may still be in its early stage, but it is surely getting interesting by the day. In what looked like another episode of drama, Miracle was captured squeezing Khloe’s bum while she dry humps him.
The duo was captured in what looked like a very intense sexual move as they were both oblivion of the surrounding around them. They seemed to have both been carried away by their action.

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#BBNaija Miracle squeezes Khloe's bum as she dry humps on him Lailasnews 1

Miracle who is a pilot and was initially rumored to be married, but his family members have since come out to debunk that. He i actually glued to Nina, but he seems to want to take a short break and have a feel of what it takes to be in the arm of Khloe, who happens to be another dramatic character in the Big Brother Naija show.
In the video which is now trending online, Khloe can be seen dry humping the pilot whose birthday is actually who celebrated his birthday just yesterday, 17th February.
#BBNaija Miracle squeezes Khloe's bum as she dry humps on him Lailasnews 2

This could be her birthday gift to the man and being the head of the house, she is probably in the best position to give him the best birthday gift

It will also interest you to know that Miracle and Nina were captured together under the duvet earlier today in what looked like a very intense sex mode. Miracle was lying down right behind Nina on the bed, while her back was turned on him with her face turned away.
In the video, it appeared that Miracle was trying to adjust himself right behind her and was making some kind of funny gestures that indicated. someone was trying to have sex and getting emotional about it.
#BBNaija Miracle squeezes Khloe's bum as she dry humps on him Lailasnews 3

Nina on the other hand, looked relaxed at the onset, but it seemed the more the guy was penetrating from behind, he began to feel unease and was seen in the video trying to take in the pains and emotions of the act.
The house is getting hotter by the day and this is just what the viewers have been expecting as typical of the Big Brother Naija show.

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