Audio Mp3 :Wake Rap – Ceaser Lion FT MR V.I.C

Talented rapper CEASAR LION teams up with another dope rapper MR V.I.C to deliver this dope rap tune titled WAKE RAP.


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Lyrics Wake Rap – Ceaser Lion FT MR V.I.C

Mr v.ic intro
Muhfucka you aint my type see i gat no watch so i aint gat your time am gon put the bullet in your fucking brain
(If u aint gonna ) gonna be alright homie .you know who you talking to? This is rap game this is rap game homie you gotta be on ya own side .mehn leave my lane for me mehn .. Godblessmama mehn …I go by the name v.ic

Chorus …boss boss boss boss boss *3
See rap is on pause we wanna wake rap (*2)

#Mr v.ic# verse 1
Too many fire on the rapper,nigga need to own a bakery
Take a bread to this wak rappers with a Bentley
Cos em’ am allergic to the kind of flows they bringing, bazzy voice when they talk but these niggas gaht no lyrics .

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so my rappers get knife’s in their hands
I pray this media never fall life to the pen
Ice me when am done, put the knife in head
Incredible x2
Ceaser is just back many with the best

#mr v.ic#
Tell all I came digging with no handgloves
Cos am leaving legacies when am long gone
These rappers ain’t beefing with the rapclone
Cos they all know I rap with my eyes closed

Try to stay true that’s the right thing
Bicth ass nigger I can watch you all flow in
If is about the money you can hit me
Mam called me New feel in my pocket now (new x2) deal

Verse 2 #Ceaser_Lion#
share the grace nigger on your “dam” ass nigger
Pistol on your ass nigger that is wet ass nigger
Talk shit, I put the rap on your ass nigger
Wake up, Suit up this is rap game nigger

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#mr v.ic#
Do you need a Mary Kay before you make your mind up
We are in a speech battle but these rappers can’t talk
So many lies ,so many fakers ,so many gap from these niggas they claim they all rappers but they still can’t Vogue

Boss the game “dam” cause we back
Now I shot this niggas cause they all, Cause am tracked
Life is so short put the pistol on your tracks
Now am back for more I shot with this fact’s

#mr v.ic#
Married to the game but I know I cheat on rap
Gat the voice of a singer but am still gon rap
Cos I launch on any beat like its vegetable
Am so different my punch is unpredictable

Verse 3 #mr v.ic#
When I come to your zone your fav rapper go on exile
Your bitch say she is so WELL so na me dy dig her
With a spoilt watch some niggas still wanna check time
Even when I do freestyle me am still best in my side

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oh” ice me back to the many yack
I do it for love, You do it for the many tap
Megatron the boy is back with his many men
Like shooting in the movie with this many men

Like Vic what’s up men
I don’t understand what this rappers are like up to this day’s men”
They should big up men” this is a real rap men
Vic hit them up men
# Mr v.ic#
They need to learn more u know .I go by the name v.ic aka rapclone.. Ceaser lion


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