ARRESTED BY LOVE (The best of Daria) Episode 11

Tranquility took over between Lana and Daria. One could see Daria very surprise like never before as she stared into the space. But she suddenly looked at La
na and asked, “How did Red know me?”
“I don’t know” Lana replied. “He saw both of us together, remember?” she added.
“This is weird” Daria concluded.
Of course Mr Joseph returned to the king and told him how his daughter ended up with Ebube.
Just after that, the elders gathered once again at the palace murmuring as usual. As the noise lingered, the king came in and all greeted standing up.
“Where is Eze muo, the chief priest?” the king asked. Before the elders answered him, the chief priest entered dancing and shouting in a language nobody could understand. He had no cloth on, but tied a red fabric on his waist. A staff with a red fabric at the cross sectional area could be seen in his hand too. So he stopped and said, “Your highness, king Lucas Ikedi the third! You summoned me”
“Yes, i did” the king began. “Are you not aware of what has befallen our land? The sacrileges and battle caused by Red or is he Blue, whatever he calls himself!”
“Battle of the unseen and unknown is for the gods not a physical battle!!” the chief priest exclaimed gazing at the ceiling.
“Eze muo, we know that, that’s why we summoned you to make some of our youths immortal as Red so that they will be able to kill him or capture him” elder Ben said calmly, then the chief priest danced around again.

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Red means danger, which is to say Red is dangerous” he said in loud voice.
The statement got all the elders confused even the king.
“What do you mean, Eze muo?” the king asked.
“I mean exactly what i said. Though i will do what you request for but i assure you, it won’t be a solution to kill Red but to capture or drive him away from this land probably”
“Probably?” the king repeated.
“Yes, it’s on probation because red means danger and Red is dangerous”
A gradual soliloquy arose among the elders while the king remained speechless.
“Ehm.. Eze muo” one of the elders began then everywhere became calm. “You, what do you suggest that will kill this Red?”
“Gbam!” some elders chorused.
“Exactly!” two others added then the chief priest smiled broadly and frowned his face again with his eyes widely opened.
“Nothing can kill him!” he exclaimed.
“Heey!” the elders shouted.
“He can only be killed when his power is weakened!” the chief priest added.
“When and what can weaken his power?” the king asked.
“Hmm.. Only when he violet the rules given to him by the source of his power” the chief priest picked up his staff. “Send seven men to me tomorrow for the immortality rituals to begin” he danced out.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); On the road, Daria and Lana were seen walking simultaneously.Both were on gown and plait hair in a local fashion.
“You hardly talk about Austine these days” Lana broke the silence.
“Please, i don’t want to talk about it” Daria frowned.
“What’s going on?”
“Men are wicked”
Hearing that, Lana stopped then stared at Daria. “Why saying that?”
“Austine broke up with me after the day i caught him kissing Prisca” Daria replied.
“My God! I saw that coming”
“I did all i could just to keep the relationship because loved him. Now i know better that men cannot be pleased. They are all heartless”
“Please, don’t say that..”
“I’ve made up my mind not to fall for any man again” Daria interrupted and continued going. Just then, prisca came from the opposite direction looking classic in a jean trouser. She wanted to pick up a friendly conversation with them but Daria greeted her and passed.
“Daria, are we quarrelling?” Prisca asked.

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “You are quarrelling with nobody, boyfriend snatcher” Lana replied her.
“Now i see what your problem is, both of you. Jealousy! Is it because Austine finds me more beautiful than Daria? Nonsense!”
“And who said you are more beautiful? Better go and find out the reason why Austine had to kiss an ugly bitch like you” Lana concluded and hurried up to Daria.
On that very day in the evening, Roland and Henry met Daria walking alone on the road. They were not smoking but dressed ruggedly. One could see their trousers sagged properly and hair looking scattered. On their legs were big shoes.
“Good evening” Daria threw the greeting in the air then passed them in a hurry.
“Daria, let me talk to you” Roland stopped her.
“Sorry, i don’t want to talk to u” Daria continued while Roland followed her and eventually held her by the hand.
“Why are you resisting me? I love you. I want both of us to rapo”
“I’m not interested and i don’t love you. I have told you that severally. Get your hands off me!” Daria disengaged her hand and hurried up again.

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Roland walked back to Henry angrily and said, “This girl is proving stubborn and must show her that I’m more stubborn” he brought out a cigarette, light it up and began to smoke. Meanwhile, Henry was already smoking. He’s the quiet type but deadly.

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