ARRESTED BY LOVE (The best of Daria) Episode 4 :

Austin neglected Prisca’s question. He tried to go out but Prisca asked, “Where do you think you are going to?”
“To know what Red is up to?” Austin replied.

“You should be running away from Red not the other way round”
Austin ran out without listening to her.

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Ebube turned the motorcycle in spherical shape thereby generating and polluting the environment with dust. He finally jumped down from it heroically then looked around. One could see a bag of money in his hand but non of his skin could be seen. All from head to toe was covered. Opposite him was a popular palm wine shop where people like Odem, youths and few elders were mostly seen. But when Ebube arrived, all flee except two elders in red caps. Seeing them, Ebube began to move forward.
“He’s coming towards this direction” Thomas, an elder whispered to Ben, another elder who sat beside him.
Meanwhile, the woman who sells palm wine there popularly known as Mama wine hid herself inside the shop.
“Let him come, he will not do anything to us elders” elder Ben replied.
“How sure are…”

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Hey, both of you lie down!” Ebube interrupted elder Thomas who looked at elder Ben in a way that says: I TOLD YOU.
“My son, we are elders…” elder Ben said but was interrupted by Ebube who took off their red caps and kicked their buttocks hardly before they finally laid flat on the ground.
“Abomination!” elder Ben examined.
“Quiet!” Ebube shouted and sat down. “I need both of you to do something for me urgently. Go tell your king that Red needs a good building in this land. I’ll go and return in the next twelve hours to stay under the roof which i have just requested for. But if i come back here without my request being granted, consider both you and your king dead. I hope I’ve made myself clear”
“Yes sir” the two elders responded semutanuoisly.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Now go!” Ebube commanded. They stood up, pickled their caps and staffs then began to run slowly with the help of the staffs like old men they are.
However, Mama wine nearly fainted inside the shop where she hid quietly.
Ebube stood up again towards his motorcycle, he looked around without seeing anybody then climbed the motorcycle, put the key in the ignition. “Crooom, Crooom” he sped off.
After he left, all the people who ran away or hid under one thing or the other began to come out from their hiding places, then a total soliloquy began. Some elders who were there ran to the king’s palace.
“Chei…!!” one of the youths shouted. “Our land is in trouble!” he added.
Suddenly, Odem returned with his hand on his trouser trying to drag it up to his chest. They could see him rushing to Mama wine’s shop without a bottle of wine or in a staggering posture.
“The Wine, what happened?” one of the youths asked him. “Why are you not staggering again? Or are you not drunk anymore?” he added.
“Chei..!!” Odem began looking at the young youth. “Are you not aware that condition is what made a crayfish to bend? Seeing me in this abnormal condition simply means that something bigger than the cricket has entered the cricket’s hole. Please, let me go and set my body back to normal with some palm wine” Odem hurried up again dragging his trouser up. “Mama wine!” he shouted as he entered the shop.

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The king’s palace was overwhelmed with muttering from elders. All were discussing nothing but the recent event that just happened. Of course elder Thomas and Ben were there to deliver their message. Suddenly, the king entered and all greeted him. He had a big stomach and healthy body. He was obviously rich and regarded as the richest king that ever reigned in the land of Obioha.
“What is the cause of all this noise and impromptu meeting?” King Lucas asked then everywhere became quiet.
 “My king” elder Thomas began. “Can you imaging i and elder Ben were made to lie down flat on the ground?!”
“Heeey!!” some elders shouted.
“Abomination!!” others added.
“And who is responsible for that abominable act?” the king asked again.
“I don’t know what he called his name, whether Red, White or Black”
“It’s Red!” elder Ben corrected.
“Yes, he’s name is Red my King” elder Thomas said.
“Red?” the king repeated.
“Yes, my king. He even said that we should tell you to provide a house for him in the next twelve hours otherwis we all will die including you”
“Heey! What a sacrilege?!” one of the elders shouted.
King Lucas totally became quiet with his face down because he knew there is nothing he could do but to provide the house in the next twelve hours.


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Few hours later, darkness began to take over the day again. Austin had a successful suppermarket. As he sat in front of it, Roland and Henry walked in. They sagged their jean trousers in a way their dirty boxers could be seen.
“Austin, the boy!” Roland shook hands with Austin, likewise Henry as they took a seat. He brought out a cigarette, light it up, smoked it and blew it out from his nose. “How about Daria ur babe?” he asked..

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