An Open Letter To All Promoters Of Trending Hashtag “#School Na Scam” In Nigeria By Mr P

My name is Comr Nweke Nnamdi popularly known as Mr Planner Former Departmental President National Association Of Food Science, Class Of 2017 ,Federal Polytechnic Oko Anambra State.

Please on this article ,read in between lines so you won’t omit any of the untold truth about the deceiveful trending hashtag “School Na Scam”.

School na scam , but i want you to imagine if there were no doctors , your sick mothers or fathers would probably not recover, imagine if some people did not learn how to fly planes (Pilots) sail ships , to fix or build them both, the means to go to Malaysia , China , Dubai , Uk , turkey for the school hating hustlers and business men would have been very tedious and almost impossible.

Accountants Help to handle and keep the monies of school hating hustlers and business men alike. Imagine if there were no lawyers to give legal backing and counseling to school hating hustlers and business men in times of trouble. Imagine if there were no judges to give justice , Tinubu and Ambode are both accountants , they started from somewhere.

Fashola is a lawyer. Dangote and Otedola and some of the millionaires are graduates, they all followed due process. Some of your favorite celebrities are graduates of one higher institutions in the country or abroad.

The Likes of Helen Paul , rmd , tiwa Savage , davido , dice ailes , bred , kiss Daniel , yemi alade, psquare , tuface , phyno , runtown, Teniola , burna Boy and zlatan ibile the supposed school na scam crooner are graduates…

My brothers & sister’s, the only place I can hear this silly phrase “school na scam” is in Nigeria. before you start saying school na scam make sure you have better talent that doesn’t need hindrance and you have earned a lot of money & sense as well, When I mean better money , I mean real money not temporary money! Let us stop glorifying stupidity…

If you didn’t go to school and you’re earning money , respect those that went, because you both need each other for survival! .. everyone would not be rich and that is how it has been from time in memorial ..

Check your holy books! Even your most revered clergies,pastor adeboye, olukoya kumuyi , Chris , Oyedepo are all alumni’s of one higher institutions or the other!

NB:Do not be influenced by your ghetto or street!, the rich understands this , this is why they keep getting richer! Even uneducated and fortunate business men and women have children and relatives who are alumni’s of Ivy League schools.

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Even the head of louts in your locality have children in one school or the other ( home and abroad) if you go school and still venture into business or the entertainment industry you won’t die.

Untold Truth To Consider

  • Education na scam, but your dream is to buy Benz, which people that went to school invented.
  • Education na scam, but you & your family rush to hospital looking for doctors & nurses for treatment_ , another product of long years of Education
    You want to live in the best houses, but the plan for those houses were drawn by very educated and smart people.
  • You want to Facebook and Tweet, but these are all products of great educated minds.
  • All products you’re using are invented by a scholar.

Let’s unfold International

That's Mark Zuckerberg
That’s Mark Zuckerberg with his Degree Certificate

Fools, justifying their foolishness. You want luxury you want to live large, at other people’s expense. When you can’t think for yourself. Bunch of dimwitted retards.

That's Bill Gates with his Degree Certificate
That’s Bill Gate with his  Certificate

Let’s Talk about the Nigeria Musicians who claimed to be promoting & more also a helping hands to trending hashtag #School Na Scam 

Which has been a laughing talk to our Professor’s & more also increasing the number of drop-out from school in space of January till date (2019)

From My list we got Zlatan Ibile a Nigeria Artist, considering the high level of unemployment and hardship graduates face in Nigeria, Zlatan Ibile comes through with a masterpiece titled “School Na Scam ” which seems to be produced by Rexxie.
In the song, Zlatan compared an unemployed graduate to a non graduate who bought Mercedes Benz due to he ignored school to face his hustle full time, which the song has already been regarded as bad influence as a lot of people would drop out or ignore school after hearing this music.

Too bad

Without much arguments and research listeners/followers accepted the facts that school na scam without investigating how the said artist dropped off from school..

Educational Biography

Omoniyi Temidayo Known by his stage name Zlatan Ibile. Zlatan Ibile is a fast rising Nigerian artiste, Songwriter and rapper. Zlatan Ibile was born November 28th 1995 in Osun State. …

Zlatan Ibile graduated from Mashood Abiola Polytechnic with a degree of Business Administration.

Below screenshot is my research from Zlatan Educational Career

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Zalatan's Educational Degree
Zlatan’s Educational Career

Burna Boy Educational Biography

On the other hand is Damini Ogulu, known professionally as Burna Boy, is a Nigerian Afro-fusion singer and songwriter.

Burna Boy was born in Port Harcourt on 2 July 1991, to Bosede and Samuel Ogulu. … Between 1993 and 2002, Burna Boy attended Montessori International in Port Harcourt and Corona Secondary School in Lagos. He founded the band Def Code while at Corona and performed at the school’s 50th anniversary.

Burna Boy Educational Career
Burna Boy Educational Career

Talk more of the upcoming Dabreezy thinking that the Song talking about the Bad Aspect of Schooling In Nigeria but causing more harm on Nigeria educational sector. 

it’s in Nigeria you hear such things. And the saddest part of it, is that, the statement was coined by the youths in the country. Her supposed leaders of tomorrow.

They abhor anything that will task them mentally.
And when those that endure the pain of tasking their faculties succeed. Nigerians will again, turn around to become their grandest patrons. It was how to their shame they’ve attained their present status.
The status of the irredeemably dependent consumer. So severe that they’ve even turned Importers of their own resources.
Do you know that Nigeria spend billions of Naira on fuel import.

When they’re in fact naturally blessed with the resource to locally carry out production.
No wonder our most influential celebrities so far have been entertainers, or should I say there’s hardly any sector or industry in Nigeria that doesn’t have links with entertainment.

Is it the education sector, where ASUU strike has turned an annual concert.

Or poitics, where you hear of the singing/dancing senators. or perhaps the legislative contest where grown men, selected and chosen to represent the masses’s interest, beat themselves up shamelessly, in the face of gaping media coverage for trivial reasons.

Or is it the religious sector name it.
A contraption engulfed by a circle of genetically demented band of notorious jokers. Yes that’s what Nigeria has become or is becoming.

The citizens sing, clap, dance but can never think.

And funny enough the only remedy which obviously is education., that should be inculcated through the school system is what they still dare term as scam.
When European and Asian Economic powers that have scaled and are still scaling giant heights light years beyond ours , are acting like they’ve not started. Good old Nigeria still stuck in the 12th century already thinks her only salvation is a scam. Pitiable.

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Wrapping up:

“School na scam” is the slogan of youths who think the purpose of education is to gave them fast and easy cash. Why won’t the standard of education fall in this country when education is not appreciated and seen for what it is but as a means to get money?

If you want money, go and learn a business or study “top” courses but if you want to be educated and informed, go to school.

I remember a story on nairaland about a lecturer teaching quantum mechanics and as he was saying and writing “dee psi dee x” (physics students should understand), a student asked him how that can be applied in the job market. What a bad approach and mentality towards education.

Until we start seeing education for what it is and appreciating it rather than seeing it as means to get a job and start earning good cash, the standard of education and the quality of our graduates will continue to be pathetic.

Education is Very Important!
But is not a do or die affair and Not for everyone. Consider your own unique Circumstances..

But not withstanding, Zlatan & Co should remix the above discussed topic #School Na scam..the inspiration should be pointing directly finger on the educational sector of our dear country telling them on how to promote/improve ,not the other way round advising the youths to quit school and join the street.

But if the said remix isn’t done properly and exactly before the year (2019 ) runs out am to be releasing my own cover “#School No Be Scam ” which may include much beefing and social campaign within & outside Nigeria.

School no be really scam except na you scam yourself !! 

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