After NYSC what next?

Truly, time and tide wait for no man. And I want to believe we all know that NYSC is not the end of life. In fact, the end the ‘One Year of National service’ is the beginning of our individual life.

Therefore, whether you are a Corp member or you are still an Undergraduate or you are yet to secure admission but you know for sure that one day you will become a Corp member, this question is for you. After NYSC what next?

Maybe at a point in time, you are at the verge of concluding your service year as a youth corp member and you are thinking about how to start life after NYSC.

The first question that comes to your mind might be “What does life has for me after NYSC?” or How will life treat me after NYSC? The truth is you are not alone in these dillema. But the good news is that, you are in luck because this article will help you figure it out.

Now to the big Question. After NYSC what next?
It is an undisputable fact that the expectation of every graduate is that after one year of NYSC program, he or she will get a good job and start living a comfortable life. And It is my prayer that God will grant us our heart desires in Jesus Name. But even the Scripture made it clear that ‘you will know the truth and the truth will set you free’. So, If we must be sincere with ourselves, we would all agree that there is a great need for what is called ‘plan B’ in a country like Nigeria of today, considering the present state of the nation, especially, the present economy recession we are battling. If you agree with me, then where can we start from as a fresh graduate? Firstly, let thank God for NYSC for giving every corps member the privilege to learn certain skills at no cost at all during the orientation course in the camp. Though many complained that the time was just too short to master a skill. They are right though, but those who really want to know it further their training in the community where they resided. If you haven’t master any skills, please start learning one today as someone can actually start with that while hoping for a better offer. Know that an idle hand is a devil workshop, so try as much as possible to avoid being idle after NYSC. Lay your hands on something; I mean something good anyway.

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Your destiny is in your hands now and you have o make the best of your time – And because life dosn’t always go through the pattern we dream of it, LuckyNewSinfo has put together 6 things most of these ex corp members will definitely go through…

Getting ready to trek:  We all know the jobs in Nigeria are fewer than the available number of graduates hence the struggle to grab the few available ones are too real for those people who have no ‘oga at he top’. This isn’t the endurance trek -NO! This is the one where you deck up in your best shirt, skirt/trousers and the traditional brown envelope, head out early to make that appointment for your first interview and subsequent ones or to submit our cv anywhere and everywhere just in case there is an opening.

Parents don’t care anymore: Now you are going to realise that your parents who provided for your every single need back in the university, will no longer do. they are either focusing on your siblings in school(if thwere are) or easing off the stress of child rearing. So, all they do now is pray and hope you get a job, so you too can come and take care of them.

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Nigeria as a student is different from Nigeria as a graduate: Now you are going to realise that life is not a bed of roses. Things have changed and you are now your own boss. Life is going to step on your toes, there will be times when it looks like your dreams will never come true or that God doesn’t answer prayers anymore but you are goin to gave to keep moving.

Uncles don’t really care:Sadly, you are going to find that, that uncle who ave you a pat on the back and said ‘send me your cv when you graduate so I place you somewhere’, would now tell you that he has very little power to do anything for you. The sadder part, their child who also just passed out of NYSC the same time like you, wouldn’t have a problem geting  a job.

Bills won’t pay themselves: Now you are now an adult. Like your parents say ‘we won’t always be there for you, a time will come when you have to stand opn your own too feet.” Nowm that ime has come, and you are standing on your own two feet without a job in a sight and bills o pay but keep strong, there is God.


No more allowee: This is the moment where you realise that the constant N19k which you were paid as a corper and took for granted, will no longer come your way. This won’t matter to you, if you get a job immediatelY(which we hope you do) but would start to look like the whole world is against you, when you check your account balance and the little you saved up is about to finish.

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So you see, what you studied in school could be different from what you will end up doing, so don’t be too attached to that certificate. Your focus should be on ensuring you don’t add yourself to the 28.58 million Nigerians on the unemployment queue. That queue is just too long!
Start something for yourself. Go learn a skill and turn it into a career or business. That’s the way forward in today’s economy. And you’ve got all the tools you need – the internet, digital technology and social media.
Once again, Congratulations on the successful completion of your service year.

And the only question on your mind is “We thouht Buhari was gping to give unemployed graduates 5k, where is it now???” LOL!!!!

Just before you finish your service year, ask yourself these questions:-
* What are my passionate about?
* What are my opportunities like?
* What skill do I possess.
When you answer these question correctly, then you have won 50% of the race.
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