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[A Must See] Top 6 Best & Hottest DJs In Anambra (No. 3 Is The Big Thing In The Industry Now)

What is life without music and i sometimes imagine what life would be like if music doesn’t exist, DJs play a vital roles in making music known to Nigerians.

There are several Djs in Nigeria today you would understand what i mean if you are that type that goes to events but few of them are enjoying the career.

Nigeria musicians have their personal Djs ,but we want to know the best Djs in Anambra  2017/2018 top Six.

When i say Disk Jockey i mean the same thing as Dj but it seems that many people don’t know this. The alphabet “D” stands for Disk while the other letter “J” stands for Jockey.

This post is created to address and officially introduce you to the best and hottest Djs in Anambra 2017 latest ranking. These Djs we have on this list are the most influential Djs in Anambra today because they have succeeded in setting pace for other upcoming Djs to follow.

It no longer news that several things in human life has become a professional field. Gone are those days where Djs are few but these days everybody wants to become a Dj including the females.

Fast forward to 2017, Disk Jockers are one of the most paid and soughted-after entertainers in Nigeria today. Just like every other celebrities in Nigeria like comedians, actors/actress, musicians; Nigerian Disk Jockers(Djs) are living their dream life as their hustle is currently paying off like blood money.

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Unarguably, Nigerians are party people that is one reason why Djs will never be neglected . Some of these top djs are being signed by top Nigerian record labels while some of them are being endorsed by Nigerian telecommunication ginats.

At ths junction, we are about to introduce you to the Top 6 Best Djs in Anambra 2017/2018.

1. DJ Val

There is no need for long story or argument, this great man known as DJ Val is the number one Dj in Anambra 2017 and even in time past.

. He is not just one the best Dj in Anambra, he is also the most influential and famous Dj in Anambra 2017.

This man is like a father to all Anambra DJs, he is like the 2baba of all Disk jockers all over Anambra and beyond. He is not just a DJ but one of the most celebrated man in the Nigerian entertainment scene and he has been in the game like forever. He real name is Ejimbe Oluchukwu while his stage name is  Dj Val .  he is like paving way for upcoming DJS so that they too can shine bright like a diamond in the sky and start enjoying the best time of their career.
currently signed to Black sheep Entertainment

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2. DJ Ozone

Almighty Dj Ozone is the second best Dj in Anambra 2017 and he is on the second spot on this list.

His real name is Chukwuma chisom,  Chukwuma chisom popularly addressed as Dj Ozone is currently signed to his label “Ozone Entertainment”. He kick started his DJ career at various clubs such as Lounge24, Codi and now a Standby DJ at Destiny Pot,

Dj Ozone is also a great Artist because he Perfects Beats and Tunes

3. DJ 🐺 Wolfgang 

Objindu Chinemelum better known as DJ  🐺 Wolfgang  is now one of the top Djs in Anambra and he is one of LuckyNewsinfo officially Endorsed DJ .   Wolfgang  is set to Drop his first single on 1st September  , he is a Dj and a music Artist as well.

This young talented man is known by the trade name, “the 🐺 ” or “Unstoppable  Wolfgang ” . He has done alot of mix tape titled” Street Take Over” getting attention online. This Dj is working with Olamide Currently to release a cover of his street banger “wo”.

4. DJ pinso

He is famously addressed as DJ pinso, is fast rising DJ in Nigeria’s music industry today who has done couples of mix tapes for his fans and he is no doubt the in-house DJ at FPO He started his hustle in at an early stage

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His prowess as a Dj has given him fame beyond our expectation. This edge has offer him more opportunity to work with Different disc jockey.He is launching his Label Today,27th August 2017

5. DJ Murphy

He became famous after Buying the Latest and costliest DJ kit . In the year 2016, DJ Murphy was voted as Igbariams best radio DJ at the igbariam Awardsin 2016, he is the current secretary of DJ Association in Anambra.

DJ Murphy is one of the oldest Nigerian Djs who has been doing this for all his life
and one of the most successful in the game after DJ Val. Everybody call him DJ Murphy while his real name is Mbanugo Ndubuisi.

6. DJ EverGreen 

The sixth best Dj in Anambra 2017 is no other person than DJ EverGreen. This man is the number sixth best /hottest and influential Dj in Anambra.

He is called EverGreen, originally an indigene of  Back in the days, he worked with Unizik FM as a radio DJ before becoming a freelance DJ and performing at  national concerts and Lumen Amusement Park

He has pocketed several awards and has also been nominated for several awards .

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