3 things I will take along with me if am isolated in an island – My Teddy, My Bible, and……. [A must Read Short but Exclusive interview with Miss MBBG 2017 ]


John Chiamaka Oluchi popularly known as Miss Emerald , A native of Anambra state,
A 300L entrepreneurship science student of the well known institution Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka and  the  current Miss Big Bold and Glamourous 2017.

Miss Emerald Bumped into C.E.O LuckyNewsinfo’s Blog and on Request Accepted the offer for an interview.



LuckyNewsinfo :
Now you have the crown 👑,  What are your goals?
Miss Emerald :
To start PET project on Breast cancer awareness in the six Geopolitical zone
To start seminar to boost courage and self esteem in plus sized ladies…

LuckyNewsinfo:In what ways do Beauty Contest Help Women?
Miss Emerald :
It boost self confidence,
It helps women to appreciate their beauty and give them the urge to bring about solutions to some Major Problem in the society

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LuckyNewsinfo :Why did you contest?
Miss Emerald :
For the fun
And also to be under the spotlight as a plus Sized Lady….

LuckyNewsinfo :If you are isolated in an island and given the chance to bring 3 things what could it be
Miss Emerald:
My Teddy ( Lucas)
My Bible
Possibly if you would come along, I will take you along because you will be fun to be with

LuckyNewsinfo:What is the essence of a plus sized woman?
Miss Emerald :
A plus sized Lady is a woman of class, perfectly built.
Basically a woman of substance.

Watch this lovely Video of Miss MBBG and LuckyNewsinfo Below

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