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Kim Jong Un Declares Korean War Is Back On

The Korean War is apparently back on, and North Korea is moving military assetsEvidently to confront American warplanes flying along its eastern coast. At the same time, South Korea has announced that the U.S. will soon be repositioning “strategic assets” closer to the Korean Peninsula. Both sides, in short, are …

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Episode Two Nadine and Mercy were friends and Christian sisters. They worshipped in the same church and belonged to some departments in the church; music department, drama group and prayer warrior team. While Nadine was a soprano singer, Mercy sang alto. It was hard to tell that these two were …

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God’s Word vs. Your Feelings – by Joyce Meyer

God’s Word vs. Your Feelings – by Joyce MeyerEvery day, we are faced with a decision: Will we respond to life’s circumstances according to God’s Word or will we react emotionally? The initial temptation is to react emotionally, but in every circumstance, it’s truly your decision. Let’s examine three circumstances you’re …

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